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*April 26, 2024 * 1pm*
Blackwood Gun Club * 11400 FM2854 * Conroe, TX 

Event Info

Come out and break some clays with us as we raise money for a very special cause.

100% of all tournament proceeds go to!

4-man Team: $900

Individual: $250

Mulligans: 6 for $30

Trophies awarded

Crawfish dinner provided


Our Story

...Dayton was a beautiful healthy baby. At 22 months everything started to change....


Without saying a word, Dayton has taught us so much about life. We are her voice and we owe her everything we have to try to find a cure. We will never stop fighting until we have given our little girl every chance and every opportunity this big beautiful world has to offer....

Our Partners

It's all made possible by our fantastic Sponsors! 

Each Sponsor is recognized on this website and throughout the day of the tournament. 

To get involved please click below for sponsorship levels and opportunities. 



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What is rett

Rett Syndrome has been described as having symptoms of cerebral palsy, epilepsy, autism and anxiety disorder all in one little child. A serious lifelong neurological disorder, it's caused by random mutations in the MECP2 gene. 

They are bright beautiful individuals trapped in a body that doesn't work...but medical evidence has shown it can be CURABLE!



The Great Rett Shootout is a Sporting Clay tournament (Like golf, with a shotgun!) and includes bonus flurry games, trophies, live music, crawfish boil, auctions, and a drawing for a shotgun! TGRS was started in 2019 because we wanted a way to bring folks together for a fun day of friendly competition for a wonderful cause. 100% of all funds raised from the tournament go directly to the International Rett Syndrome Foundation at, which is dedicated to research for a cure for Rett Syndrome, breakthrough treatments, and assistance programs such as new diagnosis education, care planning, and resources for better quality of life for those with this devastating condition. 


When our oldest daughter, Dayton, was diagnosed with Rett in February 2017, our world turned upside-down. Through research and reaching out around the world to other Rett families, we have come to find out scientists are at the cusp of some incredible historical breakthroughs towards a cure. And we wanted to help!

International Rett Syndrome Foundation is a very special charity to us as it funds pioneering research for treatments and a cure, as well as provides education, assistance and support to Rett families in need. It is estimated around 1 in 10,000 people, or about 350,000 in the world have Rett Syndrome. A Rett Syndrome diagnosis is devastating for the children that suffer from it, and for the families that watch their once healthy child slip away from them.


But there is hope!


 Laboratory experiments have REVERSED RETT in mice, and amazing strides have been made in recent years towards bringing breakthrough treatments to begin clinical trials. Although there are no treatments currently available, several trials are currently underway with exciting expectations. Funding is needed to help these amazing scientists and researchers complete the quest for the cure.

So let's "pull!" together, and help shoot out Rett Syndrome for good!



We'd love to hear from you!



Kent or Amanda Shirley:




Blackwood Gun Club

11400 FM 2854 Rd

Conroe, TX 77304

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